Lleida TV with the oil

In Lleida TV broadcast the documentary “The Golden West. Organic olive oil in Lleida” of 24 minutes. If you do not want to lose, take note of broadcast schedules: – Monday, April 1 at 21:00 pm – Tuesday, April 2 at 11:00 am – Thursday, April 4 at 14:00 pm From Molí dels Torms, we […]

flavored salad from Els Torms and Cecina de León

Put in a bowl an avocado, peeled and cut into slices. Putting a few drops of lemon or avocado to prevent rust. On top, place the lettuce (lettuce and lettuce oak country) clean and well cut. Add tomatoes, strawberries and diced cheese. Cut into strips rather jerky finite. Once served on the plate escatas dress […]

Cheese and rosemary

To use a cheese as an appetizer, entree or dessert, we leave an easy idea and scrumptious! Olicatessen& Rosemary aromatizes cheeses in a sublime, tasty and delicious.

Tarragon Shrimp

By testing and messing around the kitchen, we discovered a delicious and easy recipe. Put oil in a pan Olicatessen & tarragon. When it is hot, add the shrimp. When the shrips are pinky you can get them out. Voilà!

The cooking lab of Citoliva

The Lab cooking is a cooking workshop that develops healthy products made with olive oil or some of its components. Any compromise that favors research on olive oil and health. Citoliva – Olivar Technology Center and Oil It is a non-profit foundation established to implement methodologies and innovative technology systems that solve effectively the demands […]