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As a culinary element, Olicatessen is extraordinary

As a culinary element,
Olicatessen is extraordinary

Extra virgin olive oil is an element / common ingredient in the kitchen, at least in the kitchens of the Mediterranean countries where we are producers.

That is why it is convenient to know how to use them and how we can make the best use of each of the oils that we have / buy.

With great brushstrokes, we could say that:
The sweet fruity oils, which mainly come from the coast (Siurana, CastellĂłn ,,,, of mature arbequina or of the empeltre variety, among others), usually have a light fruity and a mild flavor, with tenuous or null notes of bitter. They are the ideal ones to combine with foods of delicate flavor. They are very suitable for:

  • mayonnaise
  • Replace the butter to make buns or other sweets.
  • ideal pastry
  • sweet salads
  • marinated
  • To play with textures

The average fruity oils, obtained from early harvests and especially from the interior, since the climate favors this type of oil. They have a more intense fruity and green, sweet at the mouth, but also more bitter and spicy. They are very versatile and combine very well with foods of defined flavors, but not extreme.
They are very suitable for:

  • Olicatessen_arrosVeal
  • Grilled chicken
  • mushrooms
  • Pasta and rice
  • vegetables
  • salads



The intense fruity oils, which especially occur in varieties such as picual, picudo, cornicabra, etc. They are oils with body and character, with intense green fruity notes and well defined bitter and spicy notes.
They are very suitable for:

  • gazpachos
  • red meats
  • Spoon dishes and pots.


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