Silver Medal for Olicatessen at Ecotrama 2020

This 2020, the XIX International Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Contest, EcoTrama, was held in Córdoba.

The great novelty has been to do the classification tasting among olive trees. A great idea and a beautiful and unique experience, in these times both “strange” and complex.

We especially like this award, because like all those who are specialized in organic production, they understand and take into account the complexity of this type of production. The associations, groups, institutions … that support, encourage and give support to this type of production, deserve great recognition and thanks from us.

Obviously, these contests reward quality. But it is the quality of a product, the result of a way of doing, producing responsibly, taking care of the territory, not over-exploiting the use of water, respecting local varieties, finding natural balances and working to avoid generating residues, of completing natural cycles without pressing and exploiting nature … that is, we start from the same base and common principles. We love it!

Very happy, proud of the result and with energy to embark on a new campaign, which now begins the countdown.

Thank you and we hope you can enjoy this oil!