51 Fair of the Qualit oil in Borges Blanques

From the 17th to the 19 January, 2014 Borges Blanques celebrates the 51 Fair of the Quality Olive Oil.

This year, Olicatessen presents the new Gift Boxes that have been prepared for this new campaign. Different products for a consumer increasingly demanding that looks more for quality, attractive packings and new ways of cooking.

Olicatessen&, is the result of looking for aromatized oil that not gets rancid.
It is a seasoning for the production of sauces, to finish a plate, to do vinaigrettes with touch of aromatic grasses and to spice with Mediterranean aromas. A whole world of aromas and flavors.

For more information about the Fair of the Quality oil in: http: // www.firaoli.cat/


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