Our oil

Enthusiasm and rigorousness as a raw material

The extra virgin olive oil has been the basis of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. But in recent decades, olive growing has been overshadowed by industrial agriculture, pursuing to lower costs and multiply the production. The wisdom of the traditional methods, the respect for nature and the organoleptic properties of the olive have often been forgotten.

At olicatessen we stand up for another way to work the land and enjoy an essential component of our cuisine. We invite you to discover an olive grove that claims the true pleasure of taste, that wants to transport the cultural heritage through gastronomy and that prioritizes health and well-being through ecological awareness.

How do we produce our olive oil?

It all starts with the olive tree

Its health is the best warranty of a quality fruit. So, whether they are centuries old olive trees or those that will one day become centenary, we take care of them day after day. We constantly monitor their irrigation, growth, pruning and deworming, and we use traditional techniques so that the air and sunlight serve as natural fungicides.

Harvesting with care at the optimum moment

If the olive is early bird harvested, the oil is green and bitter. If it is a late harvest, it will be sweeter. We have no hurry and we know what we look for and respect the most suitable moment for each variety. When the moment arrives, we harvest manually and by vibrator systems with an upside-down umbrella so that the olive never touches the ground and we don’t damage it.

Act quickly to maintain the properties

Herein lies the importance of having our own mill. The olives are grinded in less than two hours after being harvested, thus preserving their properties and guaranteeing the best quality.

Clean without generating waste

To remove the leaves and branches from the olives, we have designed a blowing-aspiration system, an air current machine that allows us to control the waste and return it to the estates as a natural fertilizer.

Decanting is better than centrifuging

This way we preserve the natural conditions of the olive oil, as well as the vitamins and polyphenols that are so necessary for our health. The decanting system has more advantages like the use of the impurities to make soap, the non-production of non recyclable wastes and the saving of water as the system does not need any.

Store it according on the personality

The oil is preserved in different deposits according to each variety, matureness, the estate, and the general conditions of the olives. This allows us to keep the quality and characteristics of each oil and create an organoleptic profile of each deposit. In order to maintain the properties of the oil, the deposits are stainless steel, and they are kept in an under-controlled temperature room.

innovation and traditions at the mill

Bottling and developing unique coupages

Both the first and the last steps are important: before packing we put all our care and knowledge to combine olives of different varieties, harvest, ripening and states. The objective: to balance all the aromas and tastes to create an unmistakable oil.

Come and learn about what we do

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