The Piñols

Working this arid land since 1854

We have learned to love and work our crops during eight generations. Our clayey and shallow land is exposed to extreme weather, big thermic oscillations, huge contrast between seasons and few rainfalls. But from these conditions emerges a unique olive, of a concentrated aroma and taste, that keeps us as a proud farmers family.

From great-grandmother Antònia to Molí dels Torms

The oldest documents we have tell us that, since more than a century and a half we are an agricultural family. We have been farmers for four generations. With great-grandmother Antonia we became farmers with our own estate.

Antonia was the heir of the lands and when she married a cabaler from a good family, most of the lands that we work nowadays unified. In a way, Antonia is the seed that germinated, in 2004, with the creation of Molí dels Torms.

The geography that define us

The commitment with our area goes beyond that feeling of belonging: our olive oil is the reflection of the climate and the local orography. The shallow depth of the land affects the development of the roots, which grow more expansively and close to the surface, modifying the taste of the olive in contact with the vegetation of the area, which we respect.

Our olive trees have a unique character thanks to the challenges they have to face. The hydric stress and the temperature strengthen the tree and they emerge in astringent, sweet and spicy flavors.

Our estates

Initially, Molí dels Torms had 50 productive hectares, all of them at Els Torms. Year after year, we have been incorporating small adjoining estates, devoted mainly to the cultivation of ancestral varieties.

Nowadays, 80% of the estates are dedicated to arbequina and the 20% to the ancestral varieties. Maintaining the family tradition, some parcels have mixed crops, mostly almond and pistachio, which we do not commercialize.

How we make the olive oil

A heritage for future generations

We have been working for over thirty years with exclusively organic farming.

With the use of fungicides and natural treatments, we save a great amount of water and follow a 0 waste policy. For us is a matter of respect: towards the nature that we belong to, towards the people that need it to live.

Our coexistence with the territory commits us to avoid the erosion of the land, to keep it clean, to rebuild the rural architecture (like dry-stone walls, terraces, local cabins…) and recover the autochthonous olive varieties that stopped being cultivated in favor of arbequina. Not only have we kept them, but we have also been planting more, both to help the biodiversity but to enjoy a more complex oil, full of nuances.

Come and learn about what we do

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