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For any dinner guest Olicatessen is essential

For any dinner guest
Olicatessen is essential

This month, we will talk about condiments based on extra virgin olive oil WITH essential oils.

The climate and geology of the Mediterranean area favors both the cultivation of olives and aromatic plants and are a fundamental reference in our kitchen.

Aromatic herbs surround the fields and in one way or another influence our Oil. And as we have them within reach and are part of our landscape, gastronomy and culinary tradition, we take advantage of them and create Olicatessen&.

Our traditional oil mixed with essential oil from the traditional aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, perfumed, stimulating …
We add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil the essential oil allowing thus to maintain the properties and characteristics of the two oils.

Potentiate, enriching and complementing.

Use it to macerate and marinate meats, fish and vegetables, to add to the vinaigrettes and in spray to aromatize dishes.
The seasoning replaces the product (basil, mint, tarragon …), DOES NOT REPLACE the oil, complements it.

Olicatessen & Mint
They recommend this oil to dress the lettuce, chickpeas, peas and vegetable creams.
For fruits like strawberry, orange, pear and … especially, with chocolate
Some recipes:
French omelette: click here
Couscous : click here
Fruit salad: click here
Zucchini cream : click here

Olicatessen & Basil
It is ideal for rice, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms and mushrooms, vegetables, carpaccio and pasta.
Stuffed tomatoes: click here
Gaszpacho bonbons: click here
Pumpkin and sweet potato cream: click here

Olicatessen & Rosemary
This oil, with a stimulating aroma is especially suitable for cooking lamb, white meat and fish. And to season cheese and sweets (dark chocolate) and to make cakes.
Salad: click here
Cheeses: click here

Olicatessen & Tarragon
Recommended as a seasoning for stews, chicken, eggs and seafood.
Vegetarian lasagna: click here
Shirmps: click here
Asparragus: click here

Olicatessen & Thyme
The most common uses for this oil are for dressing, for cooking soups, white and red meat, blue fish, cheeses and white beans.
Veggy cream: click here
Stuffed potatoes: click here

Olicatessen & Garlic
The bread, pizza, pasta, chicken and soups is where we can get more out of it.

Olicatessen & Lemon and Ginger
Especially with fish, salads, chicken, duck and escaped fruit salads.
Iogurt llimona i Gingebre
Salad: click here
Fruit and yogurt salad: click here

Olicatessen & Mandarine and savory
Mushrooms, potatoes and sausages are the ideal allies for this oil. Also, to make vinaigrettes and dress olive.
Appetizer olives: click here


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