Goutte d’Or for Olicatessen

On May 11, 2011 in Toronto, in SIAL Canada’s frame there were announced the results of Olive d’Or, the contest for extra virgin olive oil that is celebrated since 2005.

And this 2011, Olicatessen has been awarded with the gold medal, or as they say “Goutte d’Or“!

premi gold medal 2011
premi gold medal 2011

Again in the first row of the best oils in the world.

This year have participated 130 oils from 14 countries. Not bad at all!

We are grateful to the fields, to the olive trees, to the rain … for helping us make this exceptional oil. And of course, grateful to the tasters and institutions that make possible these competitions that help to make know of this small big world of extra virgin olive oil.


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