Oil landscapes in Les Garr***es Altes

Six towns of Garr***es Altes (Bellaguarda, Bovera, La Granadella, Soleràs, Els Torms and Juncosa) have joined forces to offer a set of tourist routes, which now publishes editorial Piolet with a map and an informative guide under the name “Landscapes of oil in Les Garr***es Altes”.

On the map, of a scale 1: 20,000, one of the most accurate and more detail, you no signposted 24 routes through the area, which can be done on foot, by bicycle or burricleta an option, the latter, which Granadella offered in three years. Overall, 24 routes account for 400 km route through an area of olive trees, forest and dry stone, and are marked by colors. In the guide, in addition to the explanation of each route link -some QR- code, there are tabs with information and photos of each municipality, the role of dry stone, Cultural Center Oil (ACPC) and the Museum Oil Granadella.


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