Olive grower word: DRIPPERS


Do you know how much it rains every year in our area?

Between 400 and 450mm, enough to say that the climate is dry and with very little precipitation.

How does this affect to olive cultivation?

The olive tree is a resilient shrub that lives in climatic conditions that can be harsh, but to ensure a constant harvest and not depend only on the water that falls from the sky, we must water the trees.

And how do we water them?

Drop by drop! 

On the farms we have installed support irrigation systems that complete the rainfall and give the olive tree water when it needs it the most.

The drippers are responsible for supplying this water to each tree, where the water is transported all along the farm through underground pipes. A whole framework underground to carry a very precious good: what would we do without water?

olicatessen crop
olicatessen crop


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