Open Day

As many of you are “asking” for the open day, what do you think If we do it on 10 and 11 November?

Portes Obertes 19-20N

Visit the estates (see how the olives are harvested), produce the oil, taste recent oil, taste the oil which has been harvested and rested a few weeks! See, smell, touch and taste.
And those of you that want, you will be able to harvest ; 0)

To sum up :


  • Saturday 10 November at 16h and 12h
  • Sunday, November 11th at 12am.

Mill Torms – Olicatessen
Road L701, 27.5 km
The Torms 25164 (Lleida)
Contact Phone: 650 943 621

Cost of activity:
€ 0

Will make a small breakfast / lunch …

Please, do your reservation !

Portes Obertes 19-20N


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