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As time went on, we adapted the formats to what the client had asked us to do. We started with the 0.375L bottle, but little by little, we have been incorporating new references. Bottle of 0.5, 0.250L, 100ml, cans and cans …

But even so, the product has been always the same. The same quality, in different formats for different occasions and purposes.

This time, however, we threw ourselves into the pool and made 2 completely new products!

The frist one: the 2.345

A limited edition of 100% ancestral varieties. We are enormously proud of the work of recovering ancestral local varieties, and we wanted to give it the importance it deserves. Therefore, although this time we only have 928 bottles, we present this incredibly special coupage. 2,345 olives of 4 ancestral varieties that we have been recovering, replanting, caring for and watching these trees grow that surprise us every day. Also, the image had to be different, because the product is very different. We hope you enjoy it with the same intensity that we have dedicated to producing it.

The second: 100% Arbequina

For the first time, we made mono varietal, a 100% arbequina. A more mature arbequina, from the hill area.

A very versatile “4×4” in the kitchen.

To make sauces, pastries, season sweet salads, mayonnaise …

arbequina 100x100


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