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ECO Condiments Gift Box

Box that contains: 5 0,250L tin of organic condiments. olicatessen& Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Tarragon and Thyme

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Condiments gift box olicatessen&

Collection of 5 tins of condiments based on organic extra virgin olive oil and essential oil of aromatic herbs. For making sauces, marinades, seasoning and cooking. An assortment for the most gourmets.



  • olicatessen& Mint seasoning, in 0.250L tin
  • olicatessen& Basil seasoning, in 0.250L tin
  • olicatessen& Rosemary seasoning, in 0.250L tin
  • olicatessen& Tarragon seasoning, In 0.250L tin
  • olicatessen& Thyme seasoning, in 0.250L tin


Some suggestions for use:

olicatessen& Mint
This oil is recommended to dress lettuce, chickpeas, peas and vegetable creams. For fruits like strawberry, orange, pear and ….. especially with chocolate

olicatessen& Rosemary
This Oil, with a stimulating aroma, is especially suitable for cooking well, white meat and fish. And to dress cheeses and sweets (dark chocolate) and to make cakes.

olicatessen& Basil
It is ideal for rice dishes, cheeses, aubergines, mushrooms and mushrooms, vegetables, carpaccios and pasta.

olicatessen& Tarragon
Recommended as a seasoning for stews, chicken, eggs, and seafood. Its aromatic and spicy leaves give the oil a fragrant, aniseed and leisurely tone.

olicatessen& Thyme
The most common uses for this Oil are both for seasoning and cooking soups, white and red meat, blue fish, cheeses and white beans. Thyme, a plant of medicinal tradition par excellence with digestive, tonic and stimulating properties, has been used ancestrally throughout the Mediterranean area.


More information:

Our Oil of always mixed with essential oil of the traditional aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean territory: Fresh, intense, perfumed, stimulating …


We add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the essential oil, thus allowing us to maintain the properties and characteristics of both oils. Enhancing, enriching and complementing each other.


Organic certified by CCPAE

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