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We are founding members of the Xarxa d’Olivicultors i Oleïcultors de Catalunya, an association that promotes cooperation between producers of high-added-value EVOO that helps to enhance, dignify and promote extra virgin olive oil. We say what we do, and we do what we say.


In the spring of 2021, different meetings of oil producers from Lleida have been promoted, born from the experience shared in the Oil Cluster of Catalonia.

This association was established in 2016 to promote business collaboration initiatives in the field of oil, with a special emphasis on the factors of the production and marketing of high added value oils.

The termination of its activity at the beginning of 2021 has led some of the partners to promote an association that brings together producers of extra virgin oils with high added value, carrying out activities that value and communicate their work.

Purpose and Objectives

The main purpose of the initiative is to create and structure a space of cooperation between producers of extra virgin olive oil with high added value, which helps to promote and spread this product and contributes positively to the consolidation of the projects of the participating members.

In order to carry out this purpose, the following objectives are initially proposed:

  • Carry out joint initiatives for the promotion, dissemination and communication of high added value oils.
  • Organize specific training in the field of cultivation, production or marketing of high added value oils.
  • Promote applied research on specific aspects of the production of high added value oils (irrigation, processing, nutritional properties,…).

Create synergies to address issues of common interest (training, research, dissemination and commercial actions…)

Be representative in front of institutions, as a group.

Generate connections for specific projects (joint purchases, machinery, learning between us…)

To dignify the work of olive growing/culture. To enhance the product, to attract talent, to root the population – young people – in the territory, to preserve the territory.

Differentiate the product from linear and quality product-food craft industry

Reach the Catalan population, and make them familiar with local productions, the characteristics and differences of areas, varieties…

Manifesto for an Olive Cultivation linked to the Territory

with the desire to highlight this thousand-year-old activity and its strategic role in the configuration and development of rural and dry Mediterranean areas, the type of olive cultivation that we defend is specified.

With this Manifesto we want to highlight the role of the olive growers who cultivate the land, produce their oils and market and communicate them, bringing unique oils to the public that are the synthesis of all this work.

  • The olive grower-producer cultivates his olive trees, to which he loves and dedicates his time and knowledge. It is from good fruits that good oils will be born.
  • The oil of the olive grower-producer is a child of his territory and his thinking, it gives pleasure, it is a central element and an authentic expression of Mediterranean culture,
  • The olive grower-producer assumes responsibility for his activity with respect to the protection and preservation of the environment, dryland landscapes and biodiversity
  • The oil of the olive grower-producer is the synthesis of the interaction of the landscape that he receives as an inheritance from the work of many generations and the will to continue keeping it alive with the practice of a respectful, attentive and in value the entire production chain.
  • The olive grower-producer is committed to the health of the consumer and the fate of the community of which it is a part and of the Earth,
  • The olive grower-producer sets his limits, looking for the best, never the maximum,
  • The oil of the olive grower-producer is the result of accumulated expertise and represents unique characteristics, the result of his know-how, patience and dedication that resists standardization,
  • The olive grower-producer considers the consumer as a co-producer, a citizen who participates in the production chain and, beyond the economic exchange, is linked to the environment and context of the origin of the oil,
  • The olive grower makes an effort to explain his activity and the elements that make his oils unique foods.
  • The olive grower-producer undertakes to create and foster relationships with other olive growers, farmers, food producers, chefs, universities, research centers, educators and citizens in their own community and the whole world,
  • The olive grower-producer practices transparency: he says what he does and does what he says.

On June 16, 2023, the Association was officially presented to more than 40 olive growers. It will grow and accept more partners, step by step.

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