10/12. Reasons to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Olive growing is also a tourist activity that has developed over time through various fields.

The landscape offered by the fields is a spectacle. And each area has very different characteristics.

Not only because they are plains or mountainous areas with terraces and terraces, but also because of the types of cultivation. Three-legged trees, traditional cultivation, different varieties … all transmit a way of understanding agriculture and working the land adapted to each territory, geography, orography and climatology.

Travel agencies, nature guides, ecotourism activities companies, private mills, rural accommodation … are some of the economic activities that drive and collaborate to be able to enjoy and understand this great world.

Historically, there are mills and mills from the most modern facilities to the most traditional. Museums where you can see the utensils, stone mills, traditional agricultural techniques, oil fairs and new oil festivals are some of the proposals that can be visited, tasted and enjoyed by this oleic heritage.

Oil therapy has also been developed. Aesthetic and health related activities. Aesthetic centers where it is based on extra virgin olive oil for massages, facial and regenerative treatments, and the whole range of cosmetic products (creams, soaps, hair treatments …)

A very interesting movement, too, is the artistic one. Musicians, sculptors, painters, poets … who use the olive tree and oil as the center of their artistic creations and manifestations.

Let’s not forget that gastronomy is a basic pillar as well. Routes where tastings and pairings can be made. Restaurants that organize themes where the extra virgin is the protagonist of their creations. Guided tasting and tasting proposals.

All experiences that make those who enjoy them enjoy and help to value the star product of the Mediterranean diet.

Heritage, gastronomy, art, oil therapy, landscape, and nature … are some of the proposals offered by olive growing as a tourist activity. The word “oil tourism” is currently being used to encompass all these experiences.

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