Quality Olive Oil Fair at Borges Blanques

This 20-21 and 22nd January was held the 49th edition of the Quality Olive Oil at Borges Blanques. Thirty mills and cooperatives exhibited their olive oils at visitors that were able to taste and compare. We are the fourth year that we participate. We like it because we have the direct opinion of visitors, customers, […]

this year Olicatessen for…

This year we recommend you Olicatessen for: Salads, vegetables, and warm cream. It will enhance the vegetable aromas To dress pasta, rice and potatoes. For meat and grilled fish, grilled or steamed, used raw. The aromas increase with the heat and does not mask the flavors. To fry vegetables that need a little oil (peppers, […]

The oil of the year!

When we buy or someone presents us products of those that likes us to enjoy, that you know that “for sure we will surprise our guest” we all tend to save them to wait for a special occasion. With the oil but can wait but not too much. The oil, to enjoy it at 100% […]