How it is produced a quality extra virgin olive oil

Several factors affect the final quality of extra virgin olive oil. The main factors are the quality of the crop, treatment in the field and cultivated varieties. There are measures that help ensure this quality as is the sun, watering, fertilizing or fertilizer, treatments, pruning and especially the time of collection. At the time of […]

Grilled canned asparagus with tarragon oil

Our friends from Organic Gourmet has created a fabulous, helthy and tasty recipe that we want to share with you. Recipe: In a hot iron put a few drops of oil and “mark” White asparagus Monjardín previously drained. Be careful they do not burn and do not break. Dishing into layers above and add a […]

Fira de l’Oli , Borges Blanques

On 18, 19 and 20 January 2013, will be held the 50th Exhibition of Quality Olive Oil Les Garrigues in Les Borges Blanques. It is an ideal place to taste, smell and enjoy the different oils that are produced, especially in the area of ​​Les Garrigues, but also from other producing areas. Hopefully see you […]

Let’ taste EVOO

In a tasting of extra virgin olive oil, are valued organoleptic characteristics, here are some definitions that can help you. They are made in a glass blue because the color can confuse and influence the taster. The color adds no flavor or fragrance value, which is called organoleptic characteristics. Organoleptic characteristics are called so, to […]