Olicatessen muffins

Gloria Cladelles from Crit d’ Or send us recipe for muffins. She loves them and ARE LOVING THEM! INGREDIENTS 2 whole eggs 200g sugar 200g ml. Olicatessen organic extra virgin olive oil, of course  200 ml. milk A few drops of essence of lemon (or lemon zest). 280g flour 25gr baking powder Put these […]

Already started the flowering

We are now in the time of flowering. The “buttons” that come out now, will become the olives that will be harvested in a few months. <img src="http://www.olicatessen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/2013_FLORACIO_detall-150×150.jpg" alt="" title="2013_FLORACIO_detall" width="150" height="150" It's nice to see these fields right now.