Couscous with Olicatessen& Mint

Couscous salad and Brussels sprouts with beet sauce and lentils. To finish the dish, you can add hazelnuts and pumpkin boiled to the point. Before serving, a streeem of Olicatessen& mint and enjoy !!!! Recipe and photography from: Linda Moen

Olive Bloom

Now is olive blooming period. From May to June, depending mainly on the area and climate of the year. It’s a beautiful time on the field! Olive tree flower once formed is when it is pollinated. Approximately 2% of these flowers will be those that will become olives (which is called “curdled”) More Information about […]

a lemon and Ginger desert

A delicious dessert. Yogurt with strawberries (or raspberries), toasted almonds, poppy seeds or flax and a good jet Olicatessen Lemon & Ginger. Recipe and photo: Linda Moen