Artists drive a tractor – Sara Boldú

Artists drive a tractor – Sara Boldú

Dates of the exhibition: April 5 to May 31, 2019
Place: Centre de l’Oli de la Granadella

Photographer Sara Boldú showcasing her project “Artists with a tractor” at “Centre de l’Oli de la Granadella”

A homage to the agriculture of the Les Garr***es region, seen from the sky, work done with a drone, showing how to till, harvest, mow, prune, harvest … are works that, when viewed from the sky, they become art.

In this exhibition tribute is paid to the land and the peasantry from an artistic, visual and poetic point of view.

Sara Boldú wants to transmit with this work, as human action through agriculture draws the landscape as if it were the canvas of a painting.

The exhibition consists of three parts, photography, audiovisual and testimonies of farmers.

This is the first field work of the director that over a year has traveled with a drone the region and its surroundings to record the different stages of the earth “The land seen from the air becomes a mosaic and the farmer in his artist. ”

In this video, you can see a part (very important) of the process we do in Olicatessen, the collection of the olive.

We LOVE this work and we are very PROUD of it. Thank you Sara! To dignify the work of the agricultor.

Els_artistes_van_tractor_sara i Venanci Guiu
Els_artistes_van_tractor_sara i Venanci Guiu


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