At Olicatessen, The rural architecture is natural

At Olicatessen, The rural
architecture is natural

One of the pillars of our project is the conservation and recovery of rural architecture, so typical of our territory.

The landscape has been modified over time, obviously depending on the needs that have been raised throughout our history, but the landscape explains many things and it is for this reason to keep it and avoid its destruction is important.

Our ancestors have left us booths, cabin turns, enjubs, margins, terraces … They were not built for themselves. Everything had a purpose.

arquitectura rural enjub

The main reason for the construction of all these elements was to take full advantage of the rainfall to ensure and increase agricultural production and stop natural erosion.

Many of the hills and mountains were modified centuries ago creating terraces. Our lands are dry with very little rainfall that a terrace architecture allows to optimize and take advantage of every drop that falls.

Catalan Encyclopedia:

MARGIN 2 esp AGR Edge of a terrain that forms a step or slope. 3 AGR Earth step, often with stones, used to separate two terraces of different levels or to avoid landslides.

TERRASSA f 1 1 Space of flat and more or less elevated terrain finished on one or more of its sides by a wall, a slope, or other unevenness.

ENJUB [Tank variant]  m Wall that defends a land from the floods


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