As food and as a condiment, Olicatessen is excellent.

As food and as a condiment,
Olicatessen is excellent.

As every year, we publish the analytics and certificates of the oil of the campaign that we are packaging. It is important, as consumers, to have the information updated, because Olicatessen is a natural agri-food product, therefore, from one campaign to another, it is different, both at the nutritional level and at the organoleptic level.

The rains, the sun ,,, the weather always affects the field and are parameters that we can not control and give year after year, a different touch to the product we obtain.
Although the rest we do “exactly” the same. When a product always has the same taste… WATCH OUT!


The tasting note (which is endorsed by the Official Tasting Panel of Catalonia) this year is: TASTE

The chemical analysis of this campaign can be seen in: CHEMICAL ANALYSIS

The certificate of the CCPAE, according to the Olicatessen is an ECOLOGICAL product, certified and analyzed by an independent organism, you can download it here: CCPAE certificate.


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