Extra Gold for Olicatessen at Biol

Olicatessen has been awarded by Biol with an Extra Gold medal for the quality of the product.

The BIOL prize, dedicated to organic extra-virgin olive oils, is a global reference point for the whole of the olive oil sector. Started in Andria, southern Italy, through the initiative of C.I.Bi. and the technical staff of the “Oil and Quality” programme, the highly respected international prize has run since 1996.

Every year, more than 300 producers from more than 17 different countries, and from all five continents, submit their best oils. These undergo the rigorous test of the international tasting panels and analyse by qualified laboratories selected by BIOL, to produce a complete reliable and updat- ed overview of the organic olive oil worldwide sector.

Through its qualified permanent technical staff and its international network of experts, BIOL offers a technical service for training, information and research. This facility serves the needs of the world’s olive growers and olive oil producers who produce a quality product, while caring for all ethical and environmental aspects.

BIOL also publish- es an online guide to the best olive oils in the world, which is available as a service to buyers and retailers. BIOL holds an international event every year in the Ital- ian region of Apulia.

In addition, other events are also held in all participating countries and Italian regions to promote knowledge and consumer interest for organic quality product. BIOL represents an important heritage of specific knowledge and experience that grows each year thanks to the contributions from the International jury and Territorial Committees, and the forums and workshops organized by the International Observatory of Olive Oil.

BIOL offers producers, traders and consumers the best way to understand, evaluate, select and add value to best quality organic olive oil.


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