Mediterranean Diet

Officially adhered to the "Med Diet Declaration".

The “Med Diet Declaration” is a European interregional community that wants to preserve, strengthen and disseminate the values ​​of the Mediterranean Diet.

As you well know, a heritage that values ​​the quality of products, health, richness of biodiversity, enhancement of the territory, its landscapes and its people.

A diet associated with a lifestyle.


A lifestyle respectful of all these values, emanating from a millennial tradition and wisdom, open and committed to the present and the future, adapting to changes and new challenges from creativity and innovation.

Therefore, from olicatessen (Molí dels Torms, SL) we adhere with conviction to this community .

To work together in the values ​​we share:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle,
  • consuming seasonal products,
  • being respectful of our environment, territory and people live there.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the pillars of this diet and is one of the main reasons why we are involved in these initiatives that we believe are necessary to publicize the health and social benefits offered by this lifestyle.

Finally, the Mediterranean diet is a term that designates a type of diet that for centuries has traditionally guided the diet of countries bathed by the Mediterranean.

Is based on the consumption of :

  • vegetables,
  • legumes,
  • fruits,
  • fish, a
  • nd extra virgin olive oil as an essential fat.

Currently, the Mediterranean diet and the consumption of extra virgin olive oil are not only given in the countries of origin, but for their health benefits, it is spreading everywhere.


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