Olive tree calendar – July

The month of July, is when there is the hardening of the bone

The olive is a small drupe fruit.

It has a closed seed, which forms the pit that solidifies between 4-6 weeks after the start of fruit formation and hardens up to 3 months later.

The image of this July in the estates of olicatessen

As you can see, little by little it is taking shape, body and the tonality has begun to change.

So we see the effects of the sun, heat and water stress.

Here the personality of the olive is defined, which will give the differential features to the extra virgin olive oil that we will extract in a couple of months.

Also, it should be taken into account that not all areas are at the same rate of evolution.

Our farms (in Els Torms) are in a mountainous area 500 meters above sea level, with an inland climate and everything is organic farming.

All this will outline the growth of the olive and characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil.


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