During the pandemic, small producers from Ponent joined forces to get together where we cannot go alone, and in February 2021, after almost a year, we continued this adventure constituted as COOPERATIVA MENGEM GARRIGUES.


We believe that cooperativism encompasses all the values ​​of mutual aid, equality, democracy and solidarity to aspire to a more just and sustainable agri-food consumption model. All those values ​​with whose spirit #MengemGarrigues was born and that we want to maintain!

We COOPERATE to transform things, and you, DO YOU GET INVOLVED?

✔️COOPERATION between small Ponent producers and with the people of the territory.

✔️REPOPULATION. Interest in the community and working to achieve sustainable development in our sector and in our towns.

✔️TRANSFORMATION. Transform the consumption and agri-food model.

✔️IMPLICATION. We need the cooperation of the people of the territory and their trust.

together we do great things! Do you join us?