Olive grower word: APPLAUSE


Today we want to speak about a very curious word that, when you come to visit us, always generates expectation, the “applause”!

This utensil you see in the photograph meant a small big revolution in the way of collecting olives.

It’s handled by a person, and it’s connected to a power source (usually a battery) and with its moving spikes, it “combs” the olive branches and the olives fall.

The “applausechave evolved over time and have become lighter, faster and much more efficient, to the point that they have become a practically indispensable tool for olive harvesting.

harvesting with applause
harvesting with applause

But you will say… and why do you call it “applause”?! Because that’s not the standard word for it and if you go too far from our area, surely no one would understand it.

We suppose that the imagination, seeing the first devices and the way the spikes move, it reminded us of the movement of two hands clapping.

Voilà! When we harvest olives, in our area we applaud, sometimes literally too! 😊

In olicatessen we offer guided tours to our fields during the harvest season, if you want to come and clap, you will be always welcome!


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