The DOP Garr****s against the promotion of the region

la comarca és de totes

Straight and short: whoever is not part of the DOP Garri***s, the word Les Garr***s is forbidden to you.


We are very proud to be from the region of Les Gar****s and we have a great bond with it

  • Our origin is in this region. 8 generations
  • Our olive trees are in this territory
  • Our mill is located here
  • We organize tourist activities in our area (alone or with other producers or from other producers)
  • We love the rural architecture, our landscape and the history of Les Garr***es.

And because we are very proud of it, we communicate, promote, share and spread the word about all the activities that generate value in the region.

And it is for this reason that the DOP Les Garr***es has denounced us (for using the word Garr***es, as in our region and for being members of the non-profit cooperative Mengem Garr*** es) It appears that we have, or intend to have, the word Garr***es banned

There are people and companies that build and generate value. There are others that deduct.

We doubt that farmers, cooperatives and mills that are within the DOP. Garr*** they know what this institution is doing, how it is wasting money from membership fees and PUBLIC MONEY with these absurd allegations (WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES!!! but for now, the only ones to make it public).

And public money must be used wisely. That the contribution is made by citizens through taxes to GENERATE VALUE.

We invite you to review the complaint, and our allegations (NOTICE: they are a bit embarrassing to others), which we have no problem showing, because if we can be accused of anything, it is transparency.

We love Les Garr***es, it’s our region, and nobody can deny that (for now).


Total producers of extra virgin olive oil in Les Garr***es: 49

Total producers within the DOP Garr***es: 12

Total producers OUTSIDE the DOP Garr***es: 37

The Social Headquarters of the DOP Garr***es is located in Segrià

The whole matter is like a joke

Denuncia de la DOP  Garr***es (CAN CLICK ON THE LINK)

Al·legacions de Molí dels Torms –  olicatessen (CAN CLICK ON THE LINK)


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