olive tree calendar – september


The month of September is when the olive begins to ripen. During this month, it can be seen the change in the color of the olive.

The color takes on different shades that go from green to red, purple and even turning black.

During the month of September, it is when olive is harvested, to make the table olives, when it is still green, but breaks towards a more ocher color.

The image of this September in the farms


On the other hand, at the mill, we start to prepare the tractors, start the machinery (revisions, greasing, cleaning …), take out the transport boxes and set up the utensils that we will need for the harvest that is arriving soon!

In the cellar, the last racking, preparation of tanks and dairy, inspection of hoses and pneumatic belts, checks of the new taps …

Nerves, excitement and a lot of expectation. The results of a year of work, shortly!


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