Open Day doors weekend at Olicatessen

Seen the success of previous years, we want to celebrate again the Open Day Doors weekend.

We want to show you our way of working as and how we elaborate our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. How the olives are harvested, how are transported to the mill, how we produce them so you can taste the first fresh oil obtained.

If you want to see, touch, try, taste and meet us you can note at your agenda:
Days: 23 and 24 November 2013
Hours: 12am.
Place: Moli dels Torms, SL
Road L701, 27.5 km
Els Torms 25164 (Lleida)
Cost € 0 (yes, it is FREE)

Please Book your place.
LIMITED places available

Note: Children are welcome. Please, wear comfortable cloth.

If you wish to have lunch at Els Torms Town, you can contact Dolors (696347571), from the bar. They offer great barbecue, salads, etc..

You can reserve your place at or +34 973 128 362


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