Paco Roncero and AOVE

In the bowels of the Casino de Madrid, the new workshop Paco Roncero is much more than a think tank and research: a machine for editing experience, recreating atmospheres and cause sensations, accessible only to a few and only by invitation.

PacoRonceroTaller is the realization of a dream long meditated by Paco Roncero. The project is part of a space in which the most advanced technologies, new eco-sustainable materials and systems for R & D + i in cooking will be featured along with the daring gastronomic cook perfect technique.

Paco Roncero Taller
Paco Roncero Taller

Conceived as a research laboratory, the new shop is a space for the development of creative talent of the chef and his team in the design of new dishes, and a training room connected to the exchange of knowledge among the elite of teachers the kitchen.

The real star of the workshop is Hisia a “smart table”. Next to it stands the imposing presence of a oleoteca with 216 samples for tasting extra vergin olive oil, ingredient fetish Roncero, on which already has done extensive research.

Oleoteca Paco Roncero
Oleoteca Paco Roncero

One of the extra virgin olive oils chosen has been Olicatessen.


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