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Olicatessen & Garlic (10 unit box)

Organic Garlic condiment. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oil Essence of garlic.

Format: 0,250L tin (10 units). You can combine different olicatessen &.


Garlic condiment based on organic extra virgin olive oil

Our traditional olive oil mixed with aromatic herbs essential oil: fresh, intense, perfumed, stimulating…

Use to marinate and macerate meats, fish and vegetables, to add to vinaigrettes and use in spray to finish and aromatize dishes.

The seasoning-condiment replaces the garlic DOES NOT REPLACE the oil, it complements it.

Uses in the kitchen – pairing:

  • Add several drps on top of the fish before baking. It will have all the aroma and flavor of garlic and will avoid scorching the fresh garlic.
  • For any type of pasta. To season or add to sauces.
  • In the vinaigrettes, you can add a few drops and it will give a very different touch to the dressings. Both for salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice …
  • Marinate any type of meat (white or red) where you like a touch of garlic.
  • For dipping bread!
  • Season the pizza with this oil (preferably use a spray to have the same intensity throughout the dough)

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil and garlic oil essence

Format: Tin of 0,250L

Organic certified by CCPAE

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