Reasons to consume quality extra virgin olive oil. Reason 5

The “cleaning” of the oil

Once the oil has been extracted from the decanter, it must finish “polishing”, as it still contains water and small olive particles and impurities. This is the last process of extracting the oil, to purify the extracted olive oil, to improve the quality and the useful life of the oil.

diposit decantacio

However, there are still microparticles in suspension (olive pulp and a little water). At this point, you can choose to filter the oil (and in a very fast and inexpensive way impurities are removed and can be packaged immediately)

The Olicatessen oil is decanted. It is NOT filtered. It is transferred to the decantation tanks. It is a slower process and forces to be much more careful in the cellar, transferring the oil. But we believe that it is more respectful with oil.

dipòsit decantació, deposito de decantación

In this way the natural conditions of the oil are preserved, as well as the vitamins and polyphenols so necessary for health.

The decantation system has other advantages, such as the reuse of impurities to make soaps, the non-production of non-recyclable waste and the saving of water, since this system does not require it.


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