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Roundtable: product, brand and the value of the territory

    June 29, 2011 from 9:30 to 13.00
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lleida
    C / Anselm Clave, 2 | 25007 Lleida

A company using the brand conveys values. Giving value to the attributes of their products is what the consumer finally buys. These values have to hunt with the target customer. We cannot go to ALL customers; we must identify the values that we share with customer’s target.

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Marketing is an act of denial. Discard those who do NOT drive us to focus to our potential customers.

Values identified should be real and consistent with the company.

    How we do it at Molí dels Torms- Olicatessen
  • We are farmers for family tradition, producers for conviction and a passionate for the olive oil.
  • Our project and our ambition is the production of an olive oil estate, an author’s olive oil, with its own identity and capable of thrilling.
  • Our point of view it is indispensable to a hard link between the fields and the industrial facilities and the commercial actions, marketing, advertising and relation with the customers.

    The product, the brand and the managerial project must be coherent, without forgetting any detail . The consumer is very sensitive and will realize immediately any incoherence or inconsistency.

    The press sum up: La Mañana (


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