The word of the month: coupage


Coupage is a word of French origin, translated into English as blending and into Spanish as mezcla or blend.

It is a technique widely used in the wine world because of its many advantages. And in the world of oil, little by little is taking its importance.

The olive oil coupage is the oil obtained from different varieties of olives in different proportions; Or different harvest times (for example from the beginning of the season where the oil is very green and the end of the season when the oil is more mature)


There are many reasons why mills choose to use this method to produce much of the olive oil they sell afterwards.

The geographical area. Depending on where the farm is located, the amount of sun, variety, orientation of the farm, etc.
Modify the attributes of an oil to make it more attractive to the consumer. It seeks to take advantage of the best of each variety of olives, to get an olive oil with an extra quality point.
Maintain the same organoleptic characteristics of the oil in all the campaigns, so that the similar producer consumer is guaranteed year after year.
Combine flavors and complementary aspects of different varieties to obtain a unique olive juice that differentiates.
Achieve unique shades (basically given by the varieties used)


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