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The word of the month: Olive oil an health

The extra virgin olive oil is one of the main ingredient included in the Mediterranean diet and a key food for its healthy effects. There are many studies that demonstrate the advantages and benefits dels extra virgin olive oil in the health. From the reduction of the cholesterol, to prepare cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer…


Basically, these positive effects on the health, come for the elements that there is composed the extra virgin olive oil (the acid oleic, the antirust ones, polyphenols, vitamins A and E, etc)

It is for this reason; therefore it is necessary to consume extra virgin olive oil and not simply olive oil. When we buy a bottle where only the word “Olive oil” appears, we are buying refined olive oil, to which it has been added a little of virgin olive oil to be a give a bit of taste and flavor.

At refined olive oil, there get lost all the components that make it only opposite to any other type of oil. Components that cannot be added of artificial form. Even the enriched vegetable oils, they are very far of reaching the natural composition of the virgin olive oil.

The most important quality of the extra virgin olive oil is that it preserves inalterable all the components and properties of the olives like authentic juice of the fruit of the olive tree, emphasizing its nourishing value and its high power vitaminic; in the fraction unspecifiable certain nourishing qualities can be, first of all the contributions vitaminic A and E, secondly its big content in b-sitosterol that can interfere competitively with the intestinal absorption of the cholesterol.


  • The extra virgin olive oil contains a natural chemical component with anti-inflammatory properties similar to those of the medicine “ibuprofeno”, what comes to reinforce the benefits that for ages have assumed to the Mediterranean diet. This way it is assured by a team of investigators of the Center of Chemical Senses Monell of Philadelphia (United States), which its discovery has published in the magazine Nature.


  • The Institute of Investigation for the Health Northwestern of Chicago, they have confirmed that the acid ingestion oleic reduces greatly one of the oncógenos associated with the most aggressive tumors.


  • The antioxidant, vitamins E and C, carotenoids and compounds polyphenolics (olive oil and wine) have effect in the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases, it reduces the antihypertensive medication on having been rich in vegetables and potassium in patients with light or moderate hypertension, in a study they compared the effects of two hypocaloric diets on the blood pressure, one of the diets rich in greasy acids monounsaturated (olive oil) and other one rich in greasy acids polyunsaturated (proceeding from the sunflower oil), after a follow-up of 6 months, they found that so much the blood pressure systolic as the diastolic one in rest they were significantly lower in the patients with the rich diet in monounsaturated that in another group, there were even patients in whom the blood pressure was supported under control without need for pharmacological treatment, the authors speculated that the polyphenols that the olive oil contains might redeem a key role in the effects differentials of the blood pressure, possibly by means of the intensification of the levels of nitric oxide stimulated by the polyphenols. (Scientific On-line Electronic Library)


And there it does not finish the list of benefits for our health. The olive oil also has anti-inflammatory effects, regenerators, moisturizing and antioxidants.

  • In fact, another study, this time of the professor of Biochemistry of the University of Saragossa, Jesus de la Osada, points out that the extra virgin olive oil contains a component, the hidroxitirosol, which has an enclosed top antirust power to which it presents the vitamin E.

El aceite de oliva virgen extra, el gran aliado de nuestra salud

Some interesting articles, they are published in: Mercacei.



Antioxidants: Group of substances (tocopherols, polyphenols) macro nutrients that have a regulatory and protective action of the metabolism of the human body (Vitamin And, Compounds Phenolics, Phytoestrogens, sterols, Hydrocarbons).




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