What is and how do we use olicatessen organic extra virgin olive oil?

Olicatessen organic extra virgin olive oil is a blend of different varieties of olives.

There is always the arbequina, characteristic of our area and what our region is known for, even though it has been planted for some time now. And it also contains native varieties that give it that personality that characterizes our brand.

An extra virgin green, fruity, fresh, balanced and very vegetal.

The use, as with any other culinary ingredient, is adapted to each home. But if we have to give a hint or recommendation we would say:

  • For bread with tomato.
  • To dress lettuce, arugula, watercress, endive, Swiss chard, dandelion…
  • For white rice
  • Legume salads
  • For boiled, grilled or baked potatoes
  • For the white pasta

So, this #extraVirgin strengthens the green and vegetable aromas and flavors, accompanying the flavors of the main product.

And you, what would you recommend it with?


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