What is and how do we use organic extra virgin olive oil #orgullpages?

Organic extra virgin olive oil Blend of Arbequina and recovered varieties collected in October. Green, vegetal, aromatic, spicy and cheerful.

This is the fruit of a love story for the land and the territory. Respect for nature and the environment.

A claim to the dignity of farming, to the pride of the work done generation after generation.

it’s a more daring blend, sharp and garr***enc.

How can you use it?

  • For the pumpkin cream
  • Season green asparagus and tender garlic on the grill / grill / oven
  • Eggplant salad and roasted peppers
  • Tender bean salad and cured cheese shavings
  • Toast or canned bonito salad
  • Artichoke carpaccio

We have more suggestions on the blog and in the product sheet  

Therefore, it is a blend of early Arbequina and recovered varieties harvested in October. It has a medium spiciness, very fruity and vegetal and aromatic herb aromas.

It is an oil with a bitter point, spicy-green, with clear notes of green almond, grass, tomato and aromatic herbs.


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