What is it and how do we use mature arbequina olive oil?

The olivada or tapenade is a vegetable mouse with a flavor with a lot of personality.

Intense arbequina olive with the characteristics of mature arbequina, slightly almondy and hints of ripe fruit. In the mouth it has an unctuous and meaty texture.

it is a 100% pulp pasta, very fine, soft and elegant.

Made with ripe Arbequina olives harvested in December.

How can it be used?

ideal for breakfasts, snacks, snacks, as piscolabis

  • With the bread
  • climbing
  • Dips and crudites
  • Salads with fruits
  • Cured and cured cheeses
  • Add to yogurt or kefir for dressing (salads, vegetables, chicken…)

There are more recipes on the blog and in the product details  

Our olive groves are produced in a small workshop in Torms.


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