What is and how do we use oleo-experiences?

Oil experiences are all those activities that refer to the culture of oil.

From tastings, to workshops, visits to olive groves, walks among olive groves, talks and conferences. Experiencing first-hand some basic aspect of the world of oil.

At olicatessen, we opted for these activities a long time ago as a way of disseminating and teaching how we work. It was in 2009, in an incipient way, that we started to celebrate the day of doors, to let our customers experience first hand, the whole process of making the oil.

Step by step, we professionalized this activity, and now we have:

  • 2 workshops (oil lamp and preserved olive)
  • 3 activities (open day, Buc(oli)ca and La Brostada)
  • 2 visits. (tasting among olive trees and storytelling)

We are updating them here https://olicatessen.com/en/experiences/

And now, too, you can give oil experiences as gifts!!! Contact us and we’ll explain!

☎️ 973 128 362 / WhatsApp: 650 943 621


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