Why organic?

Sometimes, I find very interesting items when it comes to organic / biological and benefits of their consumption, but they are a bit dense and sometimes even technically complicated.

I liked this because it is clear and direct. I send the summary at the bottom of the article.

The keys to organic farming for sustaining life:

. Produces healthy foods, rich in nutrients and tasty.
. Protect the health of farmers and consumers.
. Fertilize the soil and slows desertification.
. Protect the global environment.
. Promotes retention of water and does not pollute aquifers.
. Promoting biodiversity.
. Keeps wildlife habitats.
. No wasted energy.
. Preserve rural life and rural culture.
. It is socially more economical.
. Allows real security and food sovereignty.
. Promotes the creation of jobs.
. Returns to farmers manage their land without dependencies.

Biological product: why to consume them: http://www.delicatessen-barcelona.com/articulos-noticias/producto-biologico-por-que-consumirlo/


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