Ready, steady…. 1st Step.

We look and observe calmly the olives. They start being at its point to be harvested. But these olives that will be harvest now will be those who will turn into olive for table. We harvest the olives a bit green and afterwards they are going on to the tubs of fermentation for 4-6 months. […]

Hummus and Olicatessen

The Hummus is a recipe typical of countries such as Turkey or Lebanon, widespread in the area of the Mediterranean, made from chickpeas. The recipe is very simple. Once cooked chickpeas (we can use the ones at we used for soup), the grind in a blender, along with a couple of cloves of garlic (put […]

Carpaccio Of tomato with almonds and basil

Clean well the tomatoes and cut them in thin slices and emplate. Mince in a blender the garlic, the almonds and the basil. When it is already well minced, leave it macerate in a bowl with Olicatessen extra virgin olive oil. CAREFULL! Never mince with the oil! 10 minutes before serving, dress the carpaccio and […]