Do you have leftover vegetables?Let’s use them!

We can make some vegetables, but I suggest that if you leftover vegetables the previous day and we want to give a good start and different, let’s make a cold salad. Just add some lettuce to vegetables we have. And prepare a good dressing. Chop a few almonds and put it in a bowl, add […]

Spring, spring

After the rain (very grateful!) When the sun is out, the trees have begun to wake up. See the “buttons” that will bloom in a few days is special. We hope it is a sign of good harvest.

Silver Medal for Olicatessen at BIOL

On March, BIOL interantional Prize awarded Olicatessen with Silver Medal for its organic Extra virgin Olive Oil. Since 1985, The BIOL PRIZE is a competition dedicated to the best extra virgin organic olive oils from around the world. It is under the patronage of IFOAM and the ministry for agricultural policies, and it takes place […]