5/12. Reasons to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil

culinary delight

Culinary pleasure is the desire to eat for pleasure, enjoying the flavors that food offers without considering nutritional needs. That is, pure and simple pleasure.


Extra virgin olive oil is a food that undoubtedly offers or can offer a lot of pleasure.

The flavors and aromas of extra virgin are so wide that meals (even the most boring) can become a pleasure.

As we have already become accustomed to wines, we could use an oil for each type of dish.

The Extra Virgin is more expressive when used raw, to dress both hot and cold dishes.

There is a great variety of varieties, and we must use them first according to our tastes, and also, depending on the types of food we want to eat. Why should we use different extra virgin olive oils? Well, each variety will provide and/or enhance more flavor, texture, delicacy, bitterness… in each of the dishes.

Shall we give some examples of how we can enjoy an oil?

  • If we make a sweet salad (with fruit), we can use an arbequina from the Mediterranean area or a graft. It is a sweet, fruity oil that will enhance the aromas of ripe fruit and in the mouth, it is a calm oil, allowing the tastes of the fruits to stand out.


  • If we make a vegetable or boiled rice, we will need a greener oil with a lot of vegetables, a spicy and balanced point. The temperature of the dish will raise the aromas and, in the mouth, we will find an ideal complement to give joy. A coupage of olicatessen, a sevillenca or picuda.


  • On the other hand, for a gazpacho or a game dish, we will need a more bitter oil. Varieties such as picual, blanqueta or gordal can be great allies!

In any case, the culinary applications to achieve sensory fullness when consuming extra virgin olive oil are endless and there are no established rules.


Do you dare?


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