7/12. Reasons to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rooting in the territory

Of the 947 municipalities in Catalonia, half have less than 1,000 inhabitants. All these municipalities account for 2.5% of the total population.


A dynamic economy does not generate depopulation


Olive growing, the cultivation of the olive tree, and all the activity it generates (field maintenance, harvesting, oil processing, packaging …) generate jobs.

Decent work, which offers a future to the youth who want to stay in the villages

When a business is born in the rural world, there are several direct impacts:

  • The fields are cultivated, arranged and productive.
  • The wooded areas of the farms are kept clean, thus preventing fires.
  • Other people are employed.
  • An economic activity is generated around it (suppliers, transport, visits …)
  • And a lot of secondary activity that strengthens the territory (more salaries = more spending on leisure, maintaining homes, consuming products …)

In the medium term, schools can be maintained, services can be expanded, new businesses can be opened …

The work of a farmer must be dignified. It is true, but farmers and peasants must be proud of the work we do and the products we make must be of great added value.

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