Economic activity

1 of 12. Reasons to Consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There are many reasons to consume extra virgin olive oil. Over the course of this year, we will explain some of the most important ones from our point of view.

Now that we are “sensitized” in the local and global economy, everything is happening to us because it seems that the world is getting smaller and what used to be far away is now less so.

Economic activity

Olive growing is of great economic, social and territorial importance. It sustains the nature of our habitat and landscape.

Especially in the area of ​​Lleida, also in the area of ​​Tarragona a large percentage of farmers work the olive tree. Therefore, it generates jobs and a great deal of indirect economic activity (design, packaging, transportation, agricultural machinery, etc.).


It is the main source of income for many families, who live and work in the fields. Yes, rural areas at risk of depopulation. Only economic activity makes it viable for families to stay and take root in the territory, often, unfortunately, with limited job opportunities for young people.

Creating sustainable and responsible companies serves to attract talent and keep rural areas fruitful.


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that olive growers (the primary sector in general) take care of the landscape, keeping the fields clean, respecting nature, watching and caring for an ecosystem that is fragile (many abandoned fields, overcrowding of macro energy projects, occupation of natural spaces by industry …)



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