Olive grower word: ESPONA


“stone margin to support the lands of a terrace”.

“stone margin to support the lands of a terrace”.

It also means: Bedside.

Perhaps for this reason, many of those who visit us tell us that it is to decorate the landscape ;0) and it does make it pretty, right! But for olicatessen it is much more than a decorative element.

It has many functions, and that’s why we maintain, preserve and recover when they fall.

  • Retains water, conserving soil moisture.
  • Prevents erosion of farmland.
  • Avoid slipping
  • It hosts an entire ecosystem of many animal species (insects and invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, and small mammals) that prevent pests (there is no better “pesticide” than this!) and also plants (ferns, lichens and mosses)
  • some species of bird’s nest
  • Promotes organic farming.

Venanci at the Espona
Venanci at the Espona

The “Espones” create this staggering that makes arable land “lose” and can make it difficult for machinery and tractors to access, so intensive plantations destroy them.

We believe that everything that is gained with these more arable meters is lost in many other aspects. You force much more watering (there is a great waste of water), chemical pesticides must be used (which go directly to the aquifers and contaminate them), soil erosion intensifies, and the landscape is destroyed.

We are big advocates of “Espones” !

The age of the use of the construction technique of dry stone sponges is not known precisely, although it is believed that it dates back to antiquity. Dry stone construction is a traditional technique that not everyone knew about. Before there were “margeters” or “margers”, who were specialists in raising dry stone margins.

Today it could be considered another complement to the work of the peasant. And Venanci, who learned from his father, is a crack!

We defend rural architecture because they are part of our landscape, because they help us cultivate in the way that we believe is most sustainable and respectful of the environment, because they help us to have a balanced ecosystem and allow us to practice organic farming, because they give character to the territory and because they are part of our history, and we are very proud of it.


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