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Olive oil soap

Soap bar of 75 gr aprox individually packed



Olive oil soap in pill and with individual box (75 gr. Approx.)


It can be used for all skin types but is excellent for sensitive skin. Olive oil has a protective and tonic effect on the epidermis. It stands out for its moisturizing properties and its repairing and protective action.

It produces little foam, as we do not use any other product / oil to guarantee all the natural properties.

Creamy and exceptionally smooth.


Ingredients: Olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide


Additional information- origin: Olive soap was already used by the Romans for its excellent qualities for the skin. Olicatessen recovers this healthy tradition by making our own oil soap.


“Circular economy” product: Product made to generate zero waste and boost the production-artisanal production of Les Garrigues.

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