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Organic Arbequina Olives (12 units)

Organic Arbequina olives Olicatessen

Format: 170gr jar (12 units)


Organic Arbequina olives

Arbequina olives are the smallest olives, just for this fact they are already striking. The Arbequinas that will be used for table olives, are harvested green, during the autumn. The optimal harvest time is when they change color: from pistachio green to purple. It is curious to see how after six months of maceration inside a tank with water and salt, the olives leave the vivid colors (green / purple) to show a bright ochre color.

It is a round olive and relatively unscathed, although it supplements this aspect by the intensity of its characteristic flavor.

Uses in the kitchen – pairing:

  • Ideal as apetizer
  • To add to green salads
  • Accompains perfectly to cold meat and/or cheese table
  • To decorate and finish dishes (mainly with vegetables)


Ingredients: Arbequina olives, water, salt, and aromatic herbs.

Format: Crystal jar of 170gr.

Conservation: Once open, keep into the refrigerator.

Organic certified by CCPAE

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