Pruning season

After the harvest, the cold arrives and the olive tree, like any other tree, fruity or not, rests. It enters the vegetative rest phase, and it is at this time when it is necessary to prune, to clean up and to prepare for the arrival of spring and to face it with force.

What is pruning for?

  1. to remove / remove damaged and / or diseased branches.
  2. maintain / shape the tree. In this way, we can ensure good aeration and solar radiation, which are the best natural fungicides *.

In this way we achieve:

  • Increase the number of fruits / harvest
  • Heal the tree (thus we guarantee its health and that it bears fruit)
  • Improves growth.

It seems like a simple task, but it is not. Poor pruning damages the tree, altering its growth, its health (trunk, branches, roots) and, consequently, the fruits.

After pruning and to finish preparing the ground, fertilizing the fields is essential.

At the time of rest of the fields is when we must do the work of preparing the field so that when spring arrives the roots will need the nutrients that have been “consumed” during the year (both chemical elements – such as potassium, nitrogen .. .- as the microbiological elements)

* We always look for the natural and most respectful way (both with the tree, with the environment, with the territory and with the people we work with and consume), since we practice organic farming.


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